About the site (English)

Smart & Responsible is a personal financial planning site targeting at the Japanese community here in the US.

The purpose of the site is providing quality personal financial information, which is usually available only in English, in the community’s native language, Japanese.  We strive to collect relevant information, sort and process such information and present them in a readily usable way.

The areas to be covered include banking, insurance, credit, loan, college saving, retirement planning, tax planning and home finance.


Mission of Smart & Responsible

Financial planning for all of us

Very often people tend to think that financial planning is something reserved only for the rich and privileged.  Actually we see financial services and programs that specify the minimum amount of investment assets a client needs to have for enrollment.  However, we believe that financial planning is even more essential when we only have limited financial resources.  We, being not super-rich, are even more responsible to make full use of the financial resources, by clarifying our real needs and making the most appropriate financial choices.  Smart & Responsible would like to nurture a community that supports each other for that goal.


Balanced and holistic financial life

Personal financial planning could easily lack the balance.  Somebody who had piled up hefty savings might later discover he did not have enough coverage in insurance.   A person who lives in a gorgeous house might find out that she had not saved enough for retirement.  One who makes a large income might have a problem maintaining a good credit score.  It is very important to approach our financial life with a holistic view.  Smart & Responsible would like to promote maintaining a good balance among the various financial elements and ensuring robust financial planing for years.


Proactive thinking and decision making

We are required to make a series of financial decisions in our daily life.  It could be as little as, “Should I pay $2 for three apples vs $6 for ten?” or as big as, “How much money should we save up for our children’s college education?”   We can not afford simply mimicking other people’s decision, nor taking sales peoples’ suggestions as is without examining. We always need to know what exactly our needs are and what course of actions would be the best for ourselves.  Smart & Responsible would like to foster a supportive environment for proactive thinking and decision making.


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